Diversity & Inclusion Award

Contego Environmental Services

London Network for Pest Solutions


Large Company
of the Year

Contego Environmental Services

Pest Solutions

Vergo Pest Management

Local Authority
of the Year

Hyndburn Borough Council

Liverpool City Council

Westminster City Council

Pest Controller
of the Year

Iain Mackinnon, Pest Solutions

Jo Cooke-Symak, Mozzymak Pest Control

Josh Bates, Cleankill Pest Control

Small Company
of the Year


John O’Conner

Tornado Pest Control

Sole Trader
of the Year

Pestbusters East Kent

Squeak-a-Boo Pest Management

MP Environmental

Sustainability Initiative of the Year

Beaver Pest Control

Pest Solutions

Nurture Pest Control

Unsung Hero of the Year

David Pullinger, Beaver Pest Control

Ellen Ambler, Copley Pest Solutions

Malcolm Stowell, Safeguard Pest Control

Young Pest Controller of the Year

Aaron Scott, John O’Conner

Chloe Smith, Pest Solutions

Hayden Gough, Wakefield District Housing