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Founded in 2008, Pest magazine, published six times a year, together with Pest e-news and the Pest website, delivers a mix of unbiased news, impartial advice and topical technical features for pest professionals in the UK and internationally. We work hard to be as inclusive as possible searching for news and views from all sectors of the pest management industry – private pest control companies, manufacturers, distributors, local authority units, facilities pest control, academics, regulators and consultants. The title promotes best practice and supports continuing professional development (CPD) through its association with BASIS PROMPT. Members of BASIS PROMPT can earn 12 points for completing the Pest Test in each issue of Pest magazine – a further two points are available for regularly eating Pest magazine throughout the year.

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The BASIS PROMPT Pest Controllers register is an industry/ government initiative which provides independent proof that a pest controller has received proper professional training and has continued to update their expertise through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). As registration has to be renewed each year, members of the register will always be aware of the most up-to-date techniques, products and legal obligations. BASIS PROMPT registration certifies that you, as an individual, have received a high standard of training. This allows you to portray a truly professional image and progressive approach to customers, colleagues and employers alike. The number of members is increasing rapidly as the scheme is recognised industry wide.


BPCA is the UK's leading trade association representing organisations with a professional interest in the eradication and management of public health pests. We're a not-for-profit organisation acting in the interests of our members and on behalf of the pest management industry in the UK. We place great importance on promoting the highest standards of professionalism within the industry and play a major role in enhancing these standards by way of creating guidelines and Codes of Best Practice, developing training programmes and examinations, producing publications and research, and running exhibitions and conferences.


The NPTA is focused on delivering service excellence to its members. The NPTA’S primary aim to raise standards and professionalism in the pest control sector and to promote the importance of pest control in the public health arena. It has a strong focus on supporting its members through various avenues, including training and technical support. The NPTA actively participates in and has a powerful voice in all industry advisory panels, including NPAP, RAMPS and is a partner in the PMA along with BPCA and CIEH, which helps to promote and produce various Codes of Practice, including Glue Boards and Feral Bees. It offers a range of different memberships to suit all, including individual; servicing and accredited memberships for those companies who want to excel.

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Syngenta Professional Solutions’ products provide exceptional performance, so your customers can live their lives uninterrupted by pests.

The science proven Talon range of high-performance, resistance breaking rodenticides now includes the innovative new Talon Glow and the most palatable paste, Talon Soft. Plus, the new fast-acting Ridmus Alpha offers instantaneous mouse control.

Advion insect pest products feature the incredible science of indoxacarb, along with the easy to use Outcast Ant.   

All supported by the Syngenta Pest App, for product information, training, recording and reporting.

Syngenta is pleased to sponsor the National Pest Awards to reward the very best in pest control.

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About Barrettine

The Barrettine Group has almost 140 years of expertise in the chemical industry, understanding hazardous and non-hazardous materials and the legislation and regulation that accompany these types of materials.

Renowned for a consistently high level of quality and service that has resulted in strong, long-term relationships with customers from small private companies right through to blue chip multinationals across various industries.

The Barrettine HQ is a 3.75-acre site consisting of the tank farm, storage and production near J18 of the M4, and the company employs around 90 people with group turnover around £20 million.

About Bayer

Everyday, pest controllers protect public health by managing complex pest challenges. We are proud to support them in their mission. We create integrated pest management solutions to help foster healthy environments and ensure public safety everywhere – Together we protect public health.

About Bell Laboratories

At Bell Laboratories, we focus our resources exclusively on developing the most effective rodenticides and other rodent control products for the global market.

The company was founded in 1974 in Madison, Wisconsin, by Malcolm Stack, an entrepreneur who started the company with one product – Rodent Cake.

Today, Bell Laboratories manufactures a complete line of rodent control products – rodenticides, tamper-resistant bait stations, non-poisonous glue boards, mechanical traps and attractants – which are sold to pest control and agricultural markets on six continents.

Product research and development are ongoing at Bell as scientists respond to the needs of the pest control and agricultural industries for new products and improved formulations. Bell Laboratories has registered more rodenticide products with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) than all other rodenticide manufacturers in the US. Bell also has hundreds of registered products overseas.

As the only rodenticide manufacturer in the United States to synthesise the anticoagulant and acute technical materials used in its baits, Bell Laboratories says it maintains complete control over its rodenticides which ensures the highest quality products.

Bell Laboratories’ modern 260,000sq ft facility in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, houses its corporate office, manufacturing operation, biological and chemical laboratories, and warehouses.

About Edialux

Edialux Professional is one of Europe’s leading distributors of professional pest control products and offers a comprehensive range including well-known industry leading brands from within the Pelsis portfolio such as Network, Insect-O-Cutor, B&G and Agrisense. Edialux actively contributes to developing new products that fit within an IPM approach whilst meeting the demands of the dynamic pest control market.

About Killgerm

Killgerm is dedicated to bringing customers the largest range of innovative products first, providing the tools needed that make a difference. The company’s product development team has contacts in pest control all over the world, meaning it is one of the first to hear about new products.

Killgerm’s highly qualified technical department is one of the largest of any distributor in Europe and the company is committed to supporting customers every step of the way – from independent and unbiased advice on product selection to helping to solve technical problems.

Killgerm was the first training provider to offer the RSPH Level 3 Diploma in Pest Management.


Lodi UK is a subsidiary of Lodi Group, one of Europe’s largest family-owned manufacturers of pest control chemicals. Lodi UK was established in the West Midlands in 2004, growing from strength to strength to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers into the professional, agricultural and retail sector.

Every year we strive to launch new, innovative active ingredients and formulations to ensure that our customers have the best possible armoury in controlling pests.

Our products are used by all blue-chip companies involved in pest control as well as professionals in the agricultural industry.

As a business we are focused on offering strong service and advice with many of our advisors having a wealth of practical experience in their field to help support our customers in the application of our products.

Lodi is a truly international business, with four ‘state of the art’ manufacturing facilities in France, Belgium and the UK, as well as office and warehouse facilities. Lodi has also built up sales in more than 60 countries and exports throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean.

We have developed over 140 European product registrations in order to ensure that we control the health risks that pests pose.

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About Bábolna Bio

With more than 50 years’ experience, Bábolna Bio has gained a leading role in the field of large scale, centrally organised pest control, as well as in the development, production, authorisation and sales of pesticides.

In addition to the traditional pest control activity, Babolna Bio has become a well established producer and manufacturer of rodenticides, insecticides, insecticide-free products, ectoparasiticides, aerosols.

The rodenticide line-up offers a full range of formulations, including grain bait, pellet, fresh bait and wax blocks made by compression, moulding or extrusion. Furthermore, two new and patented formulations have recently reached the market. Independence is given by the fact that Babolna Bio not only has its own, approved active substance dossier, but each and every rodenticide formulation’s dossier has been made in-house.

Bábolna Bio is an industry leader in the development and production of pesticide-free insect traps, insect pheromones and pheromone traps. The synthesis of insect growth regulating hormone analogues (IGRs) and the development of a range of formulations containing these active ingredients have also gained a serious market share for the company not only in the EU, but overseas too. Babolna Bio is the only approved supplier of S-methoprene Insect Growth Regulator within the EU Member States.

These up-to-date, least toxic approved formulations can be widely used for the protection against the immature stages of fleas, mosquitoes, ants, bed bugs, flies and moths.

Babolna Bio, which currently supplies products to 50 countries around the world, has further scientific and commercial plans and goals to enter and develop in new areas of public health and agriculture.

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About BASF

BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions says its enabling the most effective solutions to pest problems.

While pests create hygiene problems, pre and post-harvest losses, damage buildings and transmit diseases, BASF is delivering solutions to address these challenges in urban and rural pest control to keep homes, food establishments and businesses clean and pest-free.

We provide innovative, high performance, sustainable solutions for pest management professionals, farmers and warehouse managers. With cutting edge chemistry and technology, BASF has played a pioneering role in the development of active ingredients, formulations and innovative new application techniques.

As society demands faster, more cost-efficient, sustainable solutions to residential and commercial pest problems, the challenges are increasing for pest management professionals. The issue is similar for the farmers who need to protect their crops and valuable livestock along the entire food chain.

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About Bird Free

Our award-winning Bird Free™ is the only bird repellent gel authorised* for use in the UK by the Health & Safety Executive (*authorisation based on proven efficacy.)

Impervious to all weather conditions, Bird Free™ will remain effective for five years or more without maintenance (bird-free.com/about/efficacy). Bird Free™ is a powerful tool for controlling birds. It will eliminate even the severest pigeon infestation: many bird control professionals rely on Bird Free™ to resolve long-standing pigeon problems that their clients have been unable to solve by traditional methods.

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About Contego

Contego is a leading provider of commercial bird and pest control solutions and takes a dynamic, innovative and responsive approach to pest control. We take ground breaking smart technology and encompass this with a world class service and reporting system creating a transparent and intelligent interface experience. Contego is leading the way in the ever changing environment of the pest control industry and provide an all round first class experience for our customers. Contego also offer an open, friendly and proactive domestic service which also includes our range of DIY quality products that can also be used in the home.

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